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Welcome to forward thinking

At New Build Modular Limited, we understand that no two houses are truly the same; not only because of the diverse selection of properties but also because of the wonderful variety of people, of tastes and of lifestyles.

We embrace the opportunity to get involved from the early stages of a property expansion and/or modernisation project, whereby we can bring our considerable buildability experience and present you with a comprehensive cost-effective solution that ensures that your project is delivered on time, on budget and to "Best Practice Standards", as standard.

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New Era Home Modernisation

New build Modular Limited calculate and craft feasible project elements "Off-Site" and then seamlessly install On-Site.

This modern forward-thinking approach significantly reduces the intrusive impacts of development on your home, the surrounding community and the environment in which we all develop a future. 

Located, central to Bath & Bristol, New Build Modular Limited's  "Off-Site" 1500 FT2 Project Development Studio accommodates the construction of bespoke modular home extensions, porches and canopies, all-season thermally comfortable garden studios - work from home office suites, ancillary living spaces and characteristic timber Buildings.

New Generation Development Techniques

Exploring New Generation Build Techniques Whilst Combining Conventional Skill Sets Is The Foundation Off Everything We Do. 


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