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Forward Thinking Home Extensions & Annexes

Next Generation Home Extensions

At New Build Modular Limited we work in close partnership with our clients to build a picture of your requirements and needs. 

From desire to development, we’ll listen very carefully to you and use our tried-and-tested project management to turn your ideas, suggestions and thoughts into reality.

If New Build Modular Limited are involved at the concept stage of a project, our empirical experience will ensure that we can plan a detailed cost-effective design and development strategy that meets your requirements and those of the UK Building Control Inspectorate & Planning Regulations.

Our passion to exceed client expectation with attention to detailing has generated a conclusive client testimonial portfolio. 

We have worked very hard to achieve this honorable status, however, we work even harder to maintain it whilst building friendships with our clients.


Durabase - Rising Above The Conventional


Accredited System Approval - Pacifically Designed for Home Extensions

 What’s unique about Durabase plus is that it’s highly flexible for all types of applications and is engineered "Off-Site" to your exact bespoke specification. 

This tried & tested system is a forward thinking alternative to old-style conventional methods when building a singly storey home extension or annex.

Durabase Plus offers a cost effective solution that minimises intrusive groundwork's,  facility drainage movements and unnecessary gradient excavations.

Jhai Building Control Home Extension System Approval Certificated Number 14021


Modular Wall Systems

 The  wall systems consists of pressed galvanised modular units that are fabricated to individual design, size, shape and manageable proportions.  

Jhai Building Control Home Extension System Approval

Certificated Number 14021


Extensive Exterior Finishes

A wide range of real brick & stone slips - timber & composite facades - metal bonding - traditional & K rendering & a cost effective particular board for textured painting.

Durabse Summary


Durabase Plus

160mm x 80 mm steel ring beam that has been pacifically designed for home extensions that require Building  Control  Regulations.

This system has achieved the technical requirements of the elements of the Building Regulation 2010 and is certificated for System Approval jhai 14021.

  • The insulated foundation structure has a starting U-Value of 0.22 W/m2k up to 0.15W/m2k.
  • The modular walls have a U-Value of 0.94 Wm/2k
  • The insulated modular walls reach an impressive starting U-value of 0.25 W/m2k rising up to 0.17 W/m2k.
  • 25 years System Guarantee
  • Established Off-Site Engineers Trading Since 1986
  • Tried & Time Tested Systems
  • Jhai Building Control System Approval 14021
  • Jhai Building Control Site Specifics & Compliant Assessments. Individual site inspection in respect to location & conditions. 



Purpose built all weather development facility 

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